Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Goddess Weekend -- Tickets are live!

Tickets for the Goddess Weekend with Lynn Bell, Faye Blake Cossar and Christina Rodenbeck are now available from Eventbrite. 


Earlybird prices until September 1.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Goddess Weekend

Hittite goddess 13th-14th century BC

September 29-30, 2018
Trinity College, Oxford

We are thrilled to be hosting a weekend devoted to the asteroid goddesses -- Juno, Ceres, Pallas and Vesta. And we are even more thrilled that we have some veritable astrological Olympians to help guide us through the labyrinth of myth and herstory; truth, lies; illusion and actuality.

Juno -- queen, wife, mother, protector.
Ceres -- goddess of the corn, mother of girls, traveller, rescuer.
Pallas -- warrior, thinker, weaver, wise woman
Vesta -- domestic goddess, keeper of the eternal flame

Lynn Bell is one of our greatest living astrologers, with a mind for myth and an eye for the archetypal manifesting in reality. This year she gave the Carter Memorial Lecture at the Astrological Association (again!). She's been to Oxford several times before, but we keep inviting her back, because the contents of her mind need to be shared and disseminated.

Lynn has made special studies of Juno and Vesta -- the Queen and the Priestess, public and private goddesses.

To read more about Lynn, click here.

Faye Blake-Cossar, of the Amsterdam School of Astrology, is probably the leading expert on astrological Ceres. She has been tracking the effects of Ceres since 2006, when the asteroid was recognised by astronomers as a minor planet as important as Pluto. Faye has studied in-depth the effects of Ceres transits in the mundane world and in the lives of clients. To read more about Faye, click here.

Like a thought turned into action, Pallas Athena was born from the skull of the Lord of the Olympians, Zeus himself. She is a wise counsellor, a steady voice in the storm, a call to action, a conscience -- wisdom. Christina Rodenbeck, who writes the Oxford Astrologer, will describe how Pallas works for the individual and the collective. She's shown that Pallas is especially important for astrologers.

To read more about her, click here.

We're planning a short meet and greet on Friday, September 28, and perhaps a dinner on Saturday. We will be able to offer one day only if that's more convenient for you.

We will be provide a list of accommodation. There is some available at Trinity College, but you may need to look elsewhere too. Let us know if we can help -- theoxfordastrologygroup @ outlook.com

Friday, 23 March 2018

Next Event: Financial Astrology with Christeen Skinner

Navigating Your Financial Universe
Saturday, April 28 at 10 AM - 5 PM

Sutro Room, Trinity College, OxfordMoney makes the world go round, so we are delighted to be hosting a one day workshop with Christeen Skinner on astro-financial management and how best to navigate these challenging times.

In the morning we will be looking at the astrology of wealth, so bring your own chart (and, if possible, those of your parents and grand-parents).

The afternoon will give us a bird's eye view of 2018–20 and beyond: the remaining years of Pluto's transit of Capricorn, the extra-ordinary alignment in 2020, the solar cycle and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.

A practising astrologer for more than 30 years, Christeen has been looking at planetary pictures since she was nine years old. She is fascinated by the correlation between particular planetary formations and events on earth. Measuring the apparent links between these pictures and financial markets pleases her immensely.

She is deeply committed to the development of greater understanding of the potential of astrology and supportive of those researching links between the planets and trends in music, architecture and politics.

She is a well respected key player on the astrology speaking circuit with focus on financial and business matters. In 2004 ‘The Financial Universe’ was published followed by ‘Exploring the Financial Universe’ in 2016. Her latest book ‘The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe’ was published in March 2017.

Tickets are £60 for the day. 
Early Bird tickets are £55.

Friday, 16 March 2018

A Fascinating Lecture from One of Our Workshops: Saturn in Capricorn

Our January workshop on the year ahead was hugely popular. We shot video of most of it.

To give you a flavour of the day, here is part of a lecture by Christina Rodenbeck on Saturn in Capricorn in 2018.

Friday, 2 March 2018

From Our January Workshop: Chiron in Aries

Our January Year Ahead Workshop with Israel Ajose and Christina Rodenbeck was a huge success. It was so popular that it’ll keep our group afloat financially for another year — hooray! — and thank you to everyone who came.

We’d also like to share some of what we learned on that day, so here is an edited-down version of Christina’s fascinating talk on Chiron in 2018 — seems like he’s weaving around a bit.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Next Event: Following Your Bliss

The redoubtable Frank Clifford will be giving a one day seminar on vocational astrology on March 10, in the Sutro Room.
"Your birth chart provides vocational options and helps to clarify career choices. On a deeper level, it reveals where your heart lies and what you were born to do. Focusing on three specific areas of the horoscope, Frank Clifford will show how your birth chart can help: pinpoint your calling; identify your daily needs and ideal work environment; and focus on developing a reputation that reflects who you truly are.”
Frank Clifford is a consultant astrologer and palmist who runs The London School of Astrology and has lectured in a dozen countries. He has published over 30 books and written 12 volumes, including Getting to the Heart of Your Chart, The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success and Horoscope Snapshots.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

What The Future Look Like

We are all really looking forward to What The Future Looks Like. It’s a packed programme with a lot of information to get through.

Remember to bring a copy of your own natal chart (or several), a pen and some paper. Members of the Oxford Astrology Group will be available to help with any technical questions you might have on the day.

We will have tickets at the door, but since this is turning out to be extremely popular, you’d be wise to get your tickets now.

Take me to What The Future Looks Like