Tuesday 27 September 2022

Two Talks by Wendy Stacey - Unaspected Planets and Chiron

 5th November 2022 - 10am - 5pm

A Curse or a Blessing; Unaspected Planets – Very little research has been done on Unaspected Planets yet they have been used since the writings of Ptolemy. So how do we interpret planets that do not have any major aspects in the birth chart?  How do these planets connect or integrate with the other dynamics in the horoscope?  This talk will look at how Unaspected Planets can be the most dominant and obvious placement in the birth chart, how they can behave and express themselves and explore the vast or limited resources available that can either bottle or unleash them.

The Wounded Healer in Personal and Mundane Astrology - When looking at clients’ charts, Chiron can often illustrate some unresolved issues or areas where we need to address. Transits from Chiron will spotlight these and we are forced to navigate ourselves through uncomfortable territory. This also applies to the social. In this talk, Wendy will explore examples and offer how we might deal with these.

Wendy Stacey, B.A, M.A, Dip LSA is the principal of the international Mayo School of Astrology and Chairperson for the Astrological Association. She has written over 50 articles for students in the ‘Astrological Journal’ and is the author of ‘Consulting with Astrology’ and ‘Uranus Square Pluto’. She has also contributed to ‘The New Generation’, and to OPA’s ‘The Professional Practice of Astrology’ and ‘Bitcoin’. In 2014 Wendy was the recipient of the UK’s Charles Harvey award for ‘Exceptional Service to Astrology’. Her website is  and she can be contacted at ..

Sunday 2 February 2020

Palmistry for Astrologers

30th May 2020

Hands offer insights into your personality, relationship needs, talents and potential. The lines on the hand are like a road map – clear signs of the current life you’ve built for yourself – and they offer an aerial ‘advance’ view of the road ahead. But lines can change over time, reflecting any changes you've recently made. Adding modern hand analysis (palmistry) to your astrological toolkit enables you to see how the potential of your horoscope is currently being fulfilled, and Frank’s workshop offers simple, instant and accurate ways to understand the secrets hidden in your hands.
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Saturday 26 October 2019

2020 Year Ahead Workshop

Start 2020 armed with all the astrological know-how you can cram into a one-day workshop. With some momentous astrology right at the start of 2020, you’ll want to start your year armed with the best information and insight.

So this year we're holding our ever popular annual Year Ahead workshop on the very first Saturday in January.

We’re very excited that journalist and astrologer Neil Spencer, Observer columnist and author of True As The Stars Above, Adventures in Modern Astrology will be joining Israel Ajose and Christina Rodenbeck, our regular speakers, to present a one-day workshop looking at the year ahead.

Israel Ajose is one of the leading lights in London’s Astrological Lodge with a thriving private practice. He’s become a fixture in our annual calendar since he first started presenting these Year Ahead workshops a few years ago, helping us to start our year in an enthusiastic and optimistic mood.

We’re proud to count Christina Rodenbeck as one of our own. Many of you will probably be familiar with her work at The Oxford Astrologer as well as from our workshops. As usual she’ll be organising the content of the day — and we have high expectations!

Sunday 2 June 2019

Gods of War – Reclaiming the Mars Warrior with John Green

23rd November 2019
Drive, will, aggression, masculinity; these words often have negative connotations in our modern world. Mars is in crisis right now as we struggle with criminality, patriarchy and high rates of male suicide. The warrior has been demoted to a safe fictional character or demonised in war, gang violence or as the sexual predator. Have we forgotten how to honour him?

In this re-evaluation of Mars, our driving force in life, we will look at why Mars is so important to every one of us and the terrible problems he can cause in life if we try and ignore him. How can we restore him to a noble figure? Join John Green in reclaiming this important god in all his forms throughout our charts. Please bring your chart data and full battle armour. Tickets are on sale on Eventbrite.

John Green D.Psych.Astrol has been an astrologer for over 25 years. He is the director of the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA) which offers a diploma course in psychological astrology. He also teaches for the CPA (Centre for Psychological Astrology). He is the author of the synastry book Do You Love Me? The Astrology of Relationships and was the editor of the Astrological Journal from 2008-13.

Friday 29 March 2019

Love: Profane and Sacred with Priscilla Costello

1st June 2019
Sutro Room, Trinity College Oxford 10am-5pm

Come and explore the mystery of human relationship - to oneself, to others, and to the Divine, in a full day with Priscilla Costello, an astrologer from North America. We are delighted to be able to welcome her to Oxford on a rare visit to the UK.

An extremely useful astrological technique for revealing the dynamics of our interactions with others. Given the different levels of human beings, how can we better achieve harmony with each other? Some sample charts will offer suggestions for analysis and interpretation.

Commonly associated with confusion and delusion, can we discover more positive aspects of Neptune, as in an attunement with nature, gifts of creativity and heightened intuition, and a profound love of the Divine? After looking at the astrological world view, we will explore the journey of the soul into incarnation and the finding of a spiritual path.

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Astrology, the Soul and the Water Houses with Clare Martin

27th April 2019 at Trinity College, Oxford

In this seminar we will explore the water houses as realms of the soul. It was Jung’s lifelong task to rescue the soul from the obscurity and neglect into which it had fallen in our culture, and his Red Book demonstrates that the influence of the soul is as relevant and powerful as ever.

Planets in the water houses and their planetary rulers describe the nature of our personal, ancestral and collective inheritance. They describe our psychic vocation, where and how we are affected by the residues of the past, find ourselves blamed and scapegoated, or become catalysts for change. The water houses also describe our sense of being deeply connected to, and supported by, the eternal flow of life.

Early bird tickets at £45 available until 13th April, £55 full price.

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Thursday 8 November 2018


Navigating the times has never seemed so fraught -- but there is plenty of potential for positive change. Come to our January workshop to work out how you can make the best choices in 2019.

We'll be looking at:

The Eclipses in Cancer, Leo and Capricorn
Jupiter in Sagittarius
Saturn in Capricorn
Chiron in Aries
Uranus in Taurus
Neptune in Pisces
Pluto in Capricorn

Plus Pallas' super-long transit through Libra, and Ceres extended stay in Sagittarius.
And the Mercury Retrogrades.

We will be workshopping these changes on January 19 in the Sutro Room. Christina Rodenbeck of The Oxford Astrologer, Israel Ajose of The Astrological Lodge of London and Sally Kirkman of Sally Kirkman Astrology will be leading the day. We plan to look at as many personal charts as possible.

Please bring at least one copy of your natal chart to this event. If you don’t yet have it, go to where you can get a free chart. Please also bring your friends!

Early Bird tickets are available now for just under £40. Tickets on the day are £45.