Thursday, 14 January 2016

Our Friends To The North

Birmingham Astrology Group is hosting Andrew Morton for a one-day workshop.

Up-Close and Personal: the Inner Solar System*
Saturday 5th March, 2016 10.30 – 5.30

You are invited to join Andrew Morton for this one-day workshop. The day is split into 3 parts:
The Inner Solar System comprising of the Sun and the rocky interior bodies of; Mercury, Venus, Earth/Moon and Mars, defines much of our individuality in a horoscope.
In this workshop Andrew will closely examine the natures, rhythms and characteristics of these most personal of celestial bodies. He will unfold their cycles and discover how their particular positions and inter-relationships at that moment in time of our incarnation are represented, show potential and have meaning in our birth chart.
How faithful are we then to our essential selves?
A carvery lunch is available (please order in advance but pay on the day).

Registration and coffee is from 10.30 to start the workshop at 11:00am
For more information contact Gill Bryant at talktogillbryant @

About Andrew
Andrew is an astrologer from London. He practices astrology as a means of enriching the lives of those who are on the path to discovering their souls’ desires. His perspective is multi-disciplinary, encompassing symbolism, sacred geometry, mythology, astronomy and cutting-edge science – all of which serve to bring you into a greater resonance with your essential self. He has presented throughout the UK, Europe, US and Canada. It is the use of astrology as a sacred tool for self-knowledge and continuing personal growth that Andrew most values and passes on to his audiences.