Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Welcome to the all new Oxford Astrology Group website.

We're an informal group. Amateurs, professionals; passersby and the Chancellor of the University himself: you're all invited to drop in and put in your two pennies worth. 

Every month we meet to talk about astrology – now, then and in the future. Sometimes these are simply tea-&-biscuits sessions so that we can really discuss some knotty issues, but we also have an exciting programme of guest speakers starting in the autumn.


Because we've had a few years off from inviting guest speakers, we wanted to start with style. So this autumn,  Lynn Bell is coming over from Paris to give a one-day teaching seminar on solar returns, a subject on which she is an absolute authority. Some of us think her book is the bible on the subject.

In March, we'll be hosting John Frawley, yes the "Real Astrologer" himself, for a full week-end workshop on horary astrology and the fixed stars. Frawley fans should book now, because spaces are limited.

Other speakers will be announced as we confirm dates.

For the current programme, click here. Please come back and check because we will be updating these pages as we book guests.