Sunday, 14 January 2018

Next Event: Following Your Bliss

The redoubtable Frank Clifford will be giving a one day seminar on vocational astrology on March 10, in the Sutro Room.
"Your birth chart provides vocational options and helps to clarify career choices. On a deeper level, it reveals where your heart lies and what you were born to do. Focusing on three specific areas of the horoscope, Frank Clifford will show how your birth chart can help: pinpoint your calling; identify your daily needs and ideal work environment; and focus on developing a reputation that reflects who you truly are.”
Frank Clifford is a consultant astrologer and palmist who runs The London School of Astrology and has lectured in a dozen countries. He has published over 30 books and written 12 volumes, including Getting to the Heart of Your Chart, The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success and Horoscope Snapshots.