Friday, 26 September 2014

Lilith Weekend January 31-February 1

Owl by Arthur Rackham
We are very excited that plans for a weekend devoted to the Dark Goddess and her winsome ways are going ahead.

We'll be expecting you at 10am sharp on January 31 to start an intriguing, exciting, unnerving exploration into the energy and meaning of the many Liliths in your chart.

Over the weekend we will be host two long, detailed and powerful talks/workshops and one short punchy lecture.

Lynn Bell has agreed to come back (the biscuits were acceptable apparently). About her talk and workshop, The Hidden Centre, she writes: "The Black Moon Lilith represents an aspect of self that has gone out of bounds. This can happen in any area of life, sexual, intellectual or emotional, as if something has been heated too high and then cut-off or isolated. Underlying the cut-off is a source of power that has become stuck in refusal mode. Lilith resonates with those aspects of the feminine that have been rejected by a given culture, and her symbolism connects us to something that has been disavowed in our own lives. This archetype is of equal importance for both men and women, often triggering mysterious struggles in relationship. How may we unlock this powerful placement in our charts, and what happens when this archetype is released?"

We're also delighted that Dick van der Mark, chairman of the Dutch Astrological Association and world expert on the Black Sun and Black Moon Lilith will be holding a workshop on the first day. This promises to be something of a revelation for British astrologers. Lilith is used a lot on the continent, but a most of the writing on the subject has not been translated. Dick has been working with Lilith and the Black Sun -- a fascinating notion -- for more than 20 years.

Pamela Armstrong has also agreed to give a short, sharp talk on Dark Moon Waltermath, "The Life and Loves of a She Devil". This is about the other, other Lilith.

As usual, the venue is the Sutro Room at Trinity College -- easy to find, easy to get to. If you need help with finding accommodation, let us know.

We are offering an excellent Early Bird discount because, frankly, the sooner we know numbers, the more effectively we can organise. If you have any questions drop an email to

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Adultery, Art and Design: Kelmscott Trip

Just to remind you all that we are hosting a wonderful day at William Morris's house Kelmscott Manor this Saturday. We'll be looking at mystery charts, taking a tour of the house and getting our Venuses grooving.

We are giving a few people lifts from Oxford but there's still room for you to squeeze in .

If you have your own set of wheels, meet us in the car park at 10.45. Don't worry if you're going to be late. We shan't go into the house itself until after lunch, because we have some Venus to discuss first.