Monday, 11 November 2013

The Solar Returns Workshop

Our first one-day event, a workshop on the Solar Return or birthday chart, was a great success.

Guest speaker Lynn Bell, doyenne of psychological astrology, queen of the solar return and all-round clever woman was really wonderful. She managed to make us laugh, reel in astonishment, open our minds and think again.

The participants were also splendid: good questions were asked, attention was paid and some excellent comments were made.

Trinity College is always gorgeous, of course, and the Sutro Room itself has a particular atmosphere: studious yet theatrical.

A full house with Lynn presiding.
Outside the Sutro Room at Trinity. Photo by Judith Earnshaw.
The group would like to thank everyone who came – near and far - for making the day go so well.

To give you a flavour of the day here is a short clip of Lynn Bell speaking about astrological magic and the solar returns of 2013. 

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