Monday, 10 February 2014

Get Your Grey Cells Bouncing

Bernadette Brady day is approaching.

She'll be here in Oxford at Trinity College this Saturday, February 15 for a full day seminar. There is still room to squeeze you in.

Here is what the day is about.

Charting Your Life Story
Your natal chart is the map of your character. Add in transits, progressions  and returns and you will see your life story develop as a narrative. Knowing and understanding the potentials of this narrative will enrich our approach to reading all charts.

Bring your natal chart and your brain: Bernadette is one of the cleverest people in England (or Wales) and this seminar is bound to get your little grey cells bouncing.

Just get yourself to Trinity College and ask the porter for the Sutro Room.

Trinity is the college opposite the entrance to Turl Street with the big curly iron gates and the enticing lawns. It's a couple of doors down from Blackwell's bookshop, and diagonally opposite the Museum of the History of Science - choc full of astrological gear - and the Sheldonian Theatre.

You'll need to tell the porter that you're here for the astrology course in the Sutro Room and he or she will send you the right way.

If you're coming by car, park and ride is best.
Oxford is easy to get to by bus from London. There's one every 15 minutes from Marble Arch.
The train station is about 10 minutes walk from Trinity College. 

If you need any help or advice, contact us on

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