Monday, 3 March 2014

Academic Conference On The History of Astrology

If you are interested in the history of astrology, you might want to try to make it to this two-day conference at the Oriental Institute here on April 23-24. You may be able to drop by for just one or two papers.

ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies: 
Thirty Ninth International Conference 
Astrology in the Ancient Near East

Papers include

       “Babylonian divination.”
Stranger Beasts in the Zodiac: Kalendatexte and the Astrological Table in BM 56605
         “Assyrian Astroglyphs.”
“Eutocius: a mathematician and astrologer from Ascalon.”
                    The Celestial Roads of Babylon and early China.”
 “Astrology and premonitions in ancient Egypt.”
“The Horoscopes of Cities in the Near East”.
"Light upon Light: The Astrological Theurgy of Shihab al-Din al-Suhrawardi al-Maqtul (executed Aleppo 587 H/ 1191 CE).
"The Bull of Heaven: Animality and Astronomy in Tablet VI of the Gilgamesh Epic".”
 “In search of truth: Astronomy versus Astrology in the Syriac Book of Causes.”
“The representation of celestial images in the Palazzo della Ragione, Padua, Italy.”
 “The provenance of ‘Arabic’ astrological techniques.”
 “The influence of Islamic astrology on Galileo’s work.”

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