Sunday, 25 September 2016

Darby Costello, Clare Martin and Ray Merriman

The Days of Creation - The Third Day (1875-76),
watercolour, gouache, gold - Edward Burne-Jones
The Group is collectively tremendously excited by the schedule we propose for the coming 12 months. We have some of the astrology world’s most respected speakers coming right here to Oxford.

Darby Costello is coming in November to talk about the Progressed Lunar Cycle. Please bring your own chart to this, and if you can your progressed chart too. Tickets are available here.

The redoubtable Clare Martin — unanimously chosen by the committee — will be talking about the Sun in March 2017. We love her magisterial book Mapping the Psyche, and Claire is an inspirational and hugely informative speaker.

In June 2017, Ray Merriman, probably the world’s top financial astrologer, will be coming here to run a weekend workshop. This will be appropriate not only for astrologers but also for financial traders. We’re expecting an unusual audience for this one — maybe even some non-astrologers. If you know any day traders or people who manage their own investments, do bring them along.

Finally — and not least — we are hosting a day on January 7 for new voices in the astrology world — put the date in your diary now. So far we have lined up, Louise Hutson (horary magic), Anton D’Abreu (historical cycles), and Christina Rodenbeck (TBA). We’re working on getting one or two more speakers for this day. Tickets will be available as soon as we’ve firmed up plans.

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