Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Goddess Weekend

Hittite goddess 13th-14th century BC

September 29-30, 2018
Trinity College, Oxford

We are thrilled to be hosting a weekend devoted to the asteroid goddesses -- Juno, Ceres, Pallas and Vesta. And we are even more thrilled that we have some veritable astrological Olympians to help guide us through the labyrinth of myth and herstory; truth, lies; illusion and actuality.

Juno -- queen, wife, mother, protector.
Ceres -- goddess of the corn, mother of girls, traveller, rescuer.
Pallas -- warrior, thinker, weaver, wise woman
Vesta -- domestic goddess, keeper of the eternal flame

Lynn Bell is one of our greatest living astrologers, with a mind for myth and an eye for the archetypal manifesting in reality. This year she gave the Carter Memorial Lecture at the Astrological Association (again!). She's been to Oxford several times before, but we keep inviting her back, because the contents of her mind need to be shared and disseminated.

Lynn has made special studies of Juno and Vesta -- the Queen and the Priestess, public and private goddesses.

To read more about Lynn, click here.

Faye Blake-Cossar, of the Amsterdam School of Astrology, is probably the leading expert on astrological Ceres. She has been tracking the effects of Ceres since 2006, when the asteroid was recognised by astronomers as a minor planet as important as Pluto. Faye has studied in-depth the effects of Ceres transits in the mundane world and in the lives of clients. To read more about Faye, click here.

Like a thought turned into action, Pallas Athena was born from the skull of the Lord of the Olympians, Zeus himself. She is a wise counsellor, a steady voice in the storm, a call to action, a conscience -- wisdom. Christina Rodenbeck, who writes the Oxford Astrologer, will describe how Pallas works for the individual and the collective. She's shown that Pallas is especially important for astrologers.

To read more about her, click here.

We're planning a short meet and greet on Friday, September 28, and perhaps a dinner on Saturday. We will be able to offer one day only if that's more convenient for you.

We will be provide a list of accommodation. There is some available at Trinity College, but you may need to look elsewhere too. Let us know if we can help -- theoxfordastrologygroup @

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